thursday scribbling 16.1.14


Just a few days ago I read a very wise article in one of my friend’s blog, harbans it said about dont forget about your root. Now, i believe in that quote, after modifying it a bit, i will say, after living a full life that –

dont forget your roots, maintain a healthy relationship with it if its worth it.

there are some technical problems with blindly following that quote, like all other quotes i believe, we cant follow anyone blindly, if we want to make one part of our way of life then we will have to weigh it, in the scale of our life, not of anyone else’s

say for example, Prahlad was the son of a demon king, he had to finally severe his ties with his family. What if he had followed this quote? we would have lost a noble soul, an example.

What if you are born among crooks and all you want is an honest life? Will you be able to maintain your roots? Tell everyone around you that all your family members are thugs/murderers but you are honest! who will believe you? which honest person will love to hang around you? Would not it be better if you just walk away from them and start afresh?

such is life!


6 thoughts on “thursday scribbling 16.1.14

  1. Some of our roots are and will always be unknowns. Balance is the key. While some roots do grow deep others can be quite shallow. Take the Willow tree for example – they spread out over more or less the top soil leaving little depth. While they do easily bend they can also with great force be tripped up. Does that mean we should never plant Willow trees. Just not near pipeline water sources because the roots will break in if they are in want of water. Balance, plant the willow near water with enough space for it to fall… it is all a balance. 🙂

  2. “don’t forget your roots, maintain a healthy relationship with it if its worth it.”

    I think your interpretation of the quote is too narrow. Your nearest family might not be good as you yourself point out. But your roots spread wider and deeper. What is meant is your whole culture, your language, the wisdom of your holy books.

    There are two more qualifications in it: “maintain a healthy relationship with it” and “if it is worth it”.
    You can reject the unhealthy part of your roots (a murderous family”), it is not worth it. It may be worth it, if you can save a sibling from going the wrong path. But those narrow interpretations of the quote don’t apply in a wider sense.

    People who migrate to a new country are often challenged by a more permissive society. Then it is particular important that they have something to fall back on – their roots. By doing this they might give a good example and multiculturalism could shape the new society in something better.

    Not preaching – just sticking to the positive aspects of their roots and “this is worth it”.

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