one pic 2 takes musegames on wednesdays 20.11.13 repost


Late at night they could hear his roar, at distance. They still remember when that little bundle of fur landed in their life, mother killed by a poacher, two cubs left to perish. It was their sheer luck that a woodcutter found them. How they struggled to keep him warm and alive, the second one perished hours after being rescued.

How hard it was for them to decide that they will have to let him go. The sleepless nights they passed after his release. Now… they miss him but are happy for him.

musegames on wednesdays

Join me if the picture tickles your muse 🙂 leave the URL to your story in the comment section I will add it in the post 🙂

All the best!


I feel really smug to share with you, all of you, that this simple story has inspired David to write a purely fantastic story, please do read it or else dont blame me that I did not tell you…
and the final part

If you are a sentimental fool like me, you will love this story, its amazing. I belong to that group of people Hollywood sci fi directors love to feed to nature’s freaks (created by mad scientists mostly)- those screaming for animal rights till a mega-spider eats them or a weird shark rips them apart. If you belong to my group, read this story- its fantastic!



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