The Thursday Post Critiques 9.1.14

Ethereal Paints


shoals of fishes swam by them, a dolphin greeted them.

“Want to go on the beach?” he asked her.

“May be….” she smiled.

They swam close to the beach, then entered a cove, slowly they climbed the bank after ensuring that no one was looking.

they sat down and waited, slowly their fin turned into a pair of legs each. They stretched it for a while and then fished out their clothes from a tree trunk and headed for the beach.

They stopped for a while near a small bungalow, watched the old couple as they watched television. There was a photograph of her, wearing a red frock on the television, smiling broadly.

It was taken a month after she came here to live with her parents, after completing graduation. A month before she met him… her merman.

After meeting him she realized why she never fell for any of…

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