Thursday Pedagogy 9.1.14

Colours and Words Waltz

1 Thursday pedagogy

Just like most of the other country Indian politicians too, like vultures, sit on the branches, wait for the victims to die and then devour death. Using it for their optimum advantage.

Why I dont know but it makes my blood boil with fury. They might have helped those persons when they were alive. They and their followers have enough power, but they don’t. Then how could they dare to show up and whine after they are dead?

I feel the same rage against the parents who show up at police station and lodge complaints against their daughter’s (dead) in-laws for torturing her, adding that they knew that she has been facing torture for years/months. So, what were you doing when she was getting tortured?

When I read these things a line from a cult song of hindi movie pops up in my mind, the lyrics of that song is…

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