borrowed glamour

Realm of Empress Musie

spiderweb 1 E1

so you think you are adorable,
a charming creature full of light,
so, why do you hide behind
borrowed masks of pretty faces
that are not yours, never were
you hate your own face
for God gave you a face
that doesnot fits in the list
of lovely or pretty ones
but the same God gave you
a charming manner of expression
and a smart brain
knowing how this world melts
on the sight of pretty faces
you decided to hide
yourself behind fake masks
but forgot, it may help you win
petty mileage
in the long run
you will have to face the world
in your true self
inside out!

I once read about a middle aged woman, single, not beautiful as per world’s scale of beauty, actually she was called ugly, so she collected a good number of photographs of pretty, young girls and used them as her…

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