Thursday scribbling 9.1.14


slowly but steadily, at least some Indians are waking up, its a good sign. In recent times one of the slogans that really earned my respect was one i read in newspaper, cant say much about its origin-

it simply said, “Use my taxpayer’s money to keep my sisters safe at street not yourselves.”

No matter how much politicians try to say otherwise, the truth is they themselves are too often caught (and later dipped in lime to hide the dark stains) in acts of corrupting women under their power, so, its but natural that others follow their trail. To keep their hunting grounds thriving they have made the law and order of the country a nuisance, as a result people dont give a hoot to law and order anymore. That is the main reason behind the rising rate of corruption. Corrupted leadership (?) and inactive law and order, not poverty or unemployment. India was never rich, its majority was always extreme poor, and so are they today. the only difference is, in earlier times they were scared of law, now they are not.

so, i think more people should chant that slogan! chant it loud and clear from heart till politicians hear and react.


14 thoughts on “Thursday scribbling 9.1.14

  1. amen, write prayers from the heart, real strong ones, fill them with love, no vengance, and you will be surprised, i do this regularly and it works, bless you, women have had it hard all over the world, and are taking over from men, everywhere, and i’m a man, and delighted

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