Thursday Pedagogy 2.1.14

Colours and Words Waltz

1 Thursday pedagogy

WordPress did my favorite favour, again! It gobbled up the post I have kept on scheduled list. Sorry, will just babble something, ignore and forgive the typos!

Just recently a very young, and very new reader of my blog stirred an old thinking/thought (??) in my mind, a way of thinking I never believed and I sincerely hope that I will never believe.

I have met quite a few people who firmly believe (and one of them is the nastiest, one of the most evil person I have met) that fools deserve to suffer or fools should not complain if they are robbed, or a victim is equally responsible as a criminal who wrongs him/her.

Is it so? Or is this psychology giving a wide berth to criminals, wrongdoers?

If I dont want someone to curse me, call me names I wont do a wrong thing, of course, people did…

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