thursday scribbling 2.1.14

Strange attacks and counter attacks-

Recently Indian media is quite logically criticising the law that declares same sex love illegal. Most attacks and counter-attacks are quite intriguing and naive at the same time.

Those who call it un-natural well, wearing clothes is un-natural too πŸ™‚
Those who think that society wont accept it, well it has already accepted it. A lot has changed over the years.

I think if required that law should be changed and this love should be legalised for two reasons-

One with our current rate of population explosion, its good to encourage people who dont want to indulge in procreation πŸ™‚

Two its really silly to shove these absolutely harmless people in the dungeon of criminals, do they even imagine that branding them as criminals will change their preferences? It wont, they will do it anyway, and will ruin the life of men and women they will marry, to hide from social screening. Forget about all other complexities that will arise like blackmailing, unsafe sex etc.



6 thoughts on “thursday scribbling 2.1.14

    • if one is talking about natural and un-natural then one should be logical, or else he/she should say that s/he doesnot likes it. like i dont like all things, i loathe some things too, therefore i perfectly understand it when someone else hates/loathes something intensely.

    • its annoying the way some people think that they can poke their nose in love lifes of others. really! may be i too should try to find the funny side! after all they are stupid and ridiculous!

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