Thursday Scribbling 26.12.13

Cyclopian views-

Since time immemomorial Indian women has been quite brazenly exploited, more by women I guess then by men. The thing that amuses (in darkest sense) most is how essential it is for any Indian woman to be the “daughter in law” to get sympathy/often legal help.

When a father exploits his daughter, her cries go unheard mostly.
When a brother throws out his sisters from his (?) ancestral house their cries go unheard.
When a son throws his mother out on the street her tears are invisible.
When a man abuses his wife….

The intriguing point is if we dig honestly we will see that ALMOST ALWAYS there is a woman involved in the first three cases, a DAUGHTER IN LAW.



14 thoughts on “Thursday Scribbling 26.12.13

  1. That is interesting. So the daughter-in-law gets more sympathy than the other women? Traditionally, in Korea at least, the daughter-in-law was one of the lowest positions. It’s interesting also, although tragic, that women tend to exploit women as much as, or more than men. I guess when you are powerless, you use the power you do have over those lower than you.

    • if you have been cursed by a rogue son/brother and an evil daughter/sister in law God wont be able to save you in India. Only money will be able to save you, of-course you will have to be shrewd too!

  2. I made a confusing choice of words, I am sorry. I meant it is not at all confines to India. Even the world’s most “developed nation” is biased towards women, and also, women have equal shares in the reasons for such circumstances.

    • in my life i have met so many spiteful witches that now i feel surprised that there was a time when i believed that women are so much better then men! with age you may come to know (I hope and pray you dont) that its women who create hell for other women, not men! but, in place of jumping in hell, if you read all the stories that have been written in previous times by great authors, you will see, how the weak women are targetted by other women of their famillies (forget about society)- their own sisters, sister in laws, sometimes mothers too… you will realize what i am talking about. Better be safe than sorry- thats my suggestion to women, especially girls who have to build a life yet!

  3. someone very close to me nearly died coz of oppression by a woman… i strongly believe that the sufferer is the most responsible for his or her suffering.. hence the title of my post- are you your own enemy too”.. i like your thought and opinion very much

    • I belong to the opposite court 🙂

      I dont believe God gave me power or opportunity to torture others, if i torture others I am the one to be blamed, not the person I am torturing, even if he/she is a fool/weakling. How can I deny my own bestiallity? In my entire life I have never believed that fools deserve to suffer or should suffer, even though they invite it but that does not means they deserve it.

      • That’s true! m not at all defending the culprit.. i just meant that the one being oppressed should not find look for relief and content in blaming others 🙂

      • honestly speaking i never thought anything wrong in doing that. its but fair! but that should be a part of healing, he/she may curse and blame but should not use that to cripple his/her own future/life.

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