Thursday Scribbling 12.12.13

Young hearts are trusting, innocent and often reckless. Its a moral obligation (if not duty) for the more experienced to share their views, to send a little message of warning to those who want to touch the sky (like almost all of us did atleast a few times, for few years atleast…).

When you are going out for a trip in an unknown place dont play hero/ine- make a group of trustworthy friends and relatives- those who wont let you walk away with a stranger when you are intoxicated, will insist that you stay in the same hotel with your friend, and pass your passionate hours at a place from where you can scream help and they will be able to hear.

There are thousand of one dangers to tourists these days, especially the naives- organ trafficking, robbing, sex slavery are absolutely organized crime, they are not stray incidents like looting or raping- better be a part of a group for your own sake!

hitchhiking? sounds so romantic!!! have you ever taken a stock of how many of these people disappear every year?

Its good to fulfil your dreams but its smart to stay alive and in one piece- physically and emotionally. Take care!

if you are raising your eyebrow watch Turistas and Natalee Holloway.



2 thoughts on “Thursday Scribbling 12.12.13

    • its a good idea to ban it, i think its a dangerous habit, like putting your head into a tiger’s lair! it may be home or not! all depends on your stupid, dumb luck!

      I have done really dumb things too, even as a young woman, forget about teenager- I am glad that I was not destroyed out of my own stupididy!

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