Thursday Pedagogy 21.11.13

Colours and Words Waltz

Well, my connection with Western culture is through movies, books and programs, but it certainly gives a little idea about the culture.

In our country its still not very common, marrying again after loss of a husband, men often marry more than once, but women rarely do. When men remarry they usually marry single women and its her headache to adjust with the step children, and if the kids and she is lucky they get along nice. Kids usually don’t have any say at all, in case of their father’s marriage.

as far as I collect from movies etc. the kids in western countries either have a real bad time after their parents remarry or they make the lives of their parents and step parents miserable when they remarry.

I personally believe that its perfectly alright to remarry if you feel like it, there is nothing wrong in it, because…

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