The Thursday Post Critiques 29.8.13

Ethereal Paints



Please feel free to share your harshest opinions about this flash fiction after sugar coating them.


Cloud seeds



“You see… it is just an experiment gone wrong… hic..” the strange man with a head full of unruly hair and face covered in beard that hung to his breast said.


“No one notices when a plane flies by, but those planes are on mission- they plant cloud seeds, to bring cloud and rain. I drank too much the previous night and spilled out too much more than required… hic… anyway, governments hush up bigger scams than this, and this one will not even be caught…”


He stumbled out of the bar. The bartender discovered his mangled body right outside the bar, hit and run case.


He looked up at the ominous cloud, pulled his raincoat tightly against his body and wondered, what if he…

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