fury – a seven sentence story

“You don’t have any talent. You are a big nothing egged on by a bunch of loafer friends.”

He was sad and surprised to hear it from someone who has been “all praises” of his writings. A few months later he was surprised to read the synopsis of one of his stories published by someone else, his story was in Bengali and this one was in English but the difference was very little.

“That scum?” another of his wannabe writer friend fumed, he gathers ideas from blogs and sells them to people who want to make it big without much imagination, only good grip over English.

“Don’t tell me that you don’t have copyright of your works before sending them to anyone else…” he asked in an exasperated tone.

Sharmishtha Basu


4 thoughts on “fury – a seven sentence story

  1. I’m not sure how things work in India, but in the US, if you say it’s yours, it’s automatically copyrighted. Of course, it’s a huge pain to go to court to prove that and very expensive. People who steal work count on others not wanting to go through all the hassle.

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