The Thursday Post Critiques 8.8.13

Ethereal Paints



Do you ever have this itsy bitsy suspicion about these sprouting little magazines that ask for your works for free and then refuse them that they actually don’t look for works; they look for ideas for their next book? After all, why won’t they accept blogged works? How many readers does a blog have? If it is not as popular as hot dog of-course! So where is the problem if I share a post I have already blogged and have been read by say five or six people?



She looked into his eyes; he smiled back at her as he wheeled her back from the operation theater after her cancer operation.

“How are you now?” she heard his voice, still woozy from drugs. He was placing a bunch of flowers in the vase beside her bed.

“Who sent them?” she was surprised because she had none, her…

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