Slave market

She looked at the old woman sitting across the table, could not make up her mind whether she will ask her to leave and get out of her life or just suffer her for a little while and get up after offering some excuse and grab some aspirins on her way back home.

She was grateful to her in past for rejecting her as her wayward son’s bride. It was her intervention that rid her from the sick obsession of her criminal son.

She would not have him and that monster would not let her walk away. He ruined her life before his mother; the woman sitting in the restaurant intervened.

She disliked everything about Tammy; Tammy was too unsophisticated, ugly for the apple of her eyes.

Tammy thanked her stars when she convinced her handsome prince of dark world that Tammy was not his type. Even though that monster has already ruined her life beyond repair she was grateful that she will no longer have to see his face every time she stepped out of her house for slightest chores.

Now she was sitting across the table with a small girl, barely three or four years old. Sharing all her miseries with her, telling her the tales of wickedness of her daughter in law, how she ruined her life, poisoned her son’s mind and snatched him away from her.

“She is so disrespectful to him, me, abusive to the entire family.”

“I got blinded by her beauty and her family’s sweet talks.”

“How I regret…..”

“Now he has seen through her. He is so sorry for the things he has done to you…..”

She felt like telling her that she might be arrogant enough to think that women in India are easily available, so easily that a man can dump five and get another one whenever he wanted to.

She did not.

But she knew that if she tries she will again set that monster at her heels, after all she cured his obsession once.

So she just got up and left with an excuse and went home.

After reaching she posted the email she was indecisive about, accepting the job on the other end of the country next Monday.


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