Red faced gibbons

Once upon a time there was a herd of red faced gibbons. They were so horrible that the animals of their forests banished them. They begged to the animals of a nearby forest and were given shelter there.

Once they had their foothold they started to observe around themselves keenly. They noted that the animals of this forest were not half as smart as their forest; in fact they were quite gullible.

So they started to poison their minds against each other, especially against those who were gracious enough to allow them the shelter in the forest, the governing body of the forest.

They won the heart of the majority of the animals by convincing them how badly they were treated by the “wicked rulers” and forced the “rulers” to stop ruling.

Then they offered their “services” to the animals, said they will help them in running the forest.

In a jiffy they became the owners of not only the forest but its residents; all the time feigning to be “servants”.

They have been observing the “rulers” with great envy from distance during their power grabbing period, now they started to copy their lives but their starving minds lost control over proportions and they turned the forest into a forest of nightmares, they invited greedy animals from all over the neighbourhood and banished the actual residents of the forest so to make home for their mercenaries. They forced the residents of the forest to live like their slaves, acting as per their whim and fancy. No animal was safe in the forest unless they were working for them.

Those who protested were reduced to nothing.

Then the gibbons and their mercenaries, slaves started to squabble for the bigger piece of cake.

Those with empty plates started to note the scenario with enraged eyes and soon gathered together to throw the gibbons out of the forest again.

They are looking for new home, in case…..

Sharmishtha Basu


2 thoughts on “Red faced gibbons

    • agreed. that mindset reminds me of the story of the camel and the traveler in which the traveler out of mercy allowed his camel to enter his head inside his tent and at the end he was out of the tent and the camel was sleeping inside it.

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