The old man and his wretched daughter

Click, click…… she could hear the faint sharp sound coming from the room right above her. It happened every day, without break whenever she settled down for sleep, no matter what the time was. But it started right within half an hour, at a regular interval, not too loud but sharp and loud enough to wake her up from sleep.

There was only one problem.

No one lived in the room, floor above all day long. The owner came home past nine in the night; a single man who returned home after having his dinner outside.

She worked from home, her work finished at about four in the afternoon, and then when she felt like having a small cat nap she could hear the sounds.

First the sound of the main door opening, someone climbing the stairs; then clanking of utensils in the kitchen, and then that clicking sound joined it.

At first she thought that the guy had a pet dog, cat or something but then she realized that not only the house was empty but he locked his doors, windows well enough to avoid creeping in. Then she thought that maybe he has appointed an under-age servant and locks the child in before going out to work.

Finally, when the thing kept going on and on she decided to inquire.

“You know….” She initiated the topic during a visit to Shubha auntie, the oldest resident of that area. She has been living there since her marriage, now her children were married with children of their own.

“There is something wrong with my landlord.” She managed a fake giggle to pretend it was a fig of her imagination.

“Why?” Shubha took her words quite seriously. “You are hearing those sounds are not you?”
“What sounds?”

“That clicking sound on floor, those footsteps on stair….” Shubha was absolutely straightforward and accurate.

“You mean you know about them?” she asked incredulously. “What makes them?”

She folded her hands and chanted the name of a few God and Goddesses before continuing further. “Your landlord belongs to a family of Tantrics. He does not practice it himself but his father was renowned in this field and so was his sister Kala and Kali.”

“You see… people say that the young son of a Zamindar (landlord) of a village of Murshidabad fell for a girl of poor family. He was absolutely smitten in her love. He left his home when his parents ordered him to get over her.

“So they brought these people here from some other place and gave them this house and money to cast their black magic on that girl. They had to do two things, convince the boy that the girl was wicked and once he lost his interest on her they had to kill her.”

“That girl lived in a small house where B.B. Girl’s High School is now.”

“The day that girl died a strange malady attacked both of them.”

“They locked themselves in but those who peeked from the window shutters said that they became monsters. Their bodies were like human beings but their hands and feet got twisted and clawed like those of scorpions.”

“They lived long after that and when they died their son smuggled their bodies out of that house to cremate.”

“Some people say that their ghosts haunt the house.”

“Some say they never died, they are very much alive in there and walk around making that clicking sound.”

“They sometimes do it just for the purpose of moving around and sometimes to annoy the tenants below- the latter is done only if she is a woman.”

“You see, they utterly loathe women these days.”


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