welcome to the creative world of Sharmishtha Basu

Welcome to the homepage of my blog. It is a static page, sort of Notice-board, to check out what is going on inside the blog you will have to follow it and keep an eye on your reading list or email alerts. There are other ways too, like I make lists of blogs I don’t want to miss to keep them separate from the blogs I follow, many of them are obsessed bloggers who post 50 blogs every day I believe, so, it is tough to keep a track of blogs you love in the ocean of their blogposts! WordPress allows you to create lists of blogs in the reading page, you most probably already know it. So you can simply include my blog url there if you don’t want to miss its posts! Or simply keep an eye on your reading list. You will get the whole package of my social media spots (most of them) in the page sharmishtha basu above/in sidebar. So I will save the toil of copying them here.

I have neglected my blogs miserably since 2015 end, and last year I promised myself that I will change that from 2018, wish me luck! Blogs are the place where I meet my friends, so can’t afford ignoring them! That means you will see more changes here, in the homepage of my blogs.

As you may already know apart from blogging I am a self-published author, I have published my works in amazon in end 2014 and since then I am looking for other venues to publish my works.- writings and illustrations.

You can find my works via my amazon author profile and check out their details in my wordpress blog dedicated to them.

Second accomplishment of 2017 was Patreon.

My Patreon Profile is https://www.patreon.com/sharmishthabasu

If you become my patron there I will love to offer you these little gifts as a token of my gratitude, I will make them worthy of your generous contribution! If you think otherwise you know where to contact and suggest me!

If you pledge $1 per month Agnijaat every month
If you pledge $2 per month Agnijaat, Agnishatdal every month
If you pledge $3 per month Agnijaat, Agnishatdal, Agnimalya every month
If you pledge $4 per month Agnijaat, Agnishatdal, Agnimalya, Sharmishtha Basu’s Paint and Brush every month
If you pledge $5 per month Agnijaat, Agnishatdal, Agnimalya, Sharmishtha Basu’s Paint and Brush and glimpses of my upcoming books in form of another mini book every month.

There are more but check out my Patreon profile to get the full details!

Next successful attempt was activating my paypal account and start selling my works as pdf files independently via payhip.

You can buy the pdf files from payhip.com and check out their contents before buying (or check out the upcoming book announcement etc from agnijashatadalama).


Agnimalya Book 1

Agnimalya book 2

Agnimalya book 3

Agnimalya book 4

Agnimalya book 5


I will be gifting my donors who will help me into taking my creations to the next level by 5 of my creations for each 5 dollar they will donate to me. You can make donation via my paypal account and I will happily gift you any five books you pick up from payhip.com (it does not allows Indian buyers to buy for some reason unknown, in case you are an Indian reader and you want to buy my works you can use the donation method instead!)


As you can guess you will be able to pick up 6 books for 6 dollar, 7 books for 7 dollar and so on….

Surprise elation was illustrating Kevin Cooper’s Reflections:

and being honoured by a second assignment from him, which is yet to be finished and approved!

Well, if you are a follower of my blog for some years and read the stuffs you already know that it is heinous monstrosity of a bunch of mighty ghouls that has forced me to stay indoors instead of trying my skills (procured by years of vigorous training with one goal in mind- a career) to get a good career and earn my own bread, which quite sadly my younger brother earns till date without a grudge! But I try my best to earn my bread from home, trying to conquer absolutely ghoul-made obstacles, so, in case you think my works – writing or illustrations are good enough for your money don’t feel shy, contact me and we will discuss the rates, you can make the payments via paypal which I have finally earned after trying for 3 years- that is how obstacle free my little world is if you ask! So don’t feel least embarrass about the amount you are planning to offer, we can always discuss! My paypal id is:
You can use this id to buy my Ezines or any other works available in patreon, their rates are flat, easy to remember $1 for these five books that get published every month- Agnishtdal, Agnijaat, Sharmishtha Basu’s Pen and Brush, Agnimalya and coming kingdom. You can also use this id to make payments before I hand over you any assignment we have agreed upon!

My email ids for contact regarding works/illustration assignments is:
agnijashatadalama@hotmail.com and agnijashatadalama@gmail.com

Apart from all the above things I created two websites for myself in 2017, I will be using them as gallery because they are really easy to use and quite attractive and above all for me at present, free. I will be sprucing them quite regularly, if you want to check out the looks of my works you can check them out:



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