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gulity soul 25.3.14


“It’s alright Krishna…” Raju said. Deep in their hearts they both knew it was not… a dark shadow of gloom has clutched their young lives in its vicious talons.

Was it gloom or curse.

Mr. Bhutoria handed him over a cheque, “All you will have to do is keep that girl away from my son… I dont care how you do it, I will pay you the money, you will have to do the thinking and in a way that it does not gives any inkling that I am involved. I dont want my relationship with my family get ruined because of a girl.”

He involved his father, his brother and that “girl’s” brother. They shared the booty and his father, impersonating him kept the girl in his clutches, she lived in a fool’s paradise that she loved a young man, her age, who was about to marry her.

By the time she guessed it, it was too late.

Krishna and his father, brother has played their roles well, they have convinced Mr. Bhutoria’s son that his dreamgirl was having a flings with two men at a time, father and son, both married. Their wives went crazy and ruined the girls reputation, quite justly.

The girl disappeared from their vicinity. No one knew if she was dead or alive. That day their five year old son died, in a mysterious fever.

Ten years have passed since that day, every time a child is conceived… it dies.

They both sit and time after time it comes to their mind how much that girl wanted to have a child of her own, more than anything else before they showed up in her life…



Thursday scribbling 17.4.14

thursday scribbles quotes

If you are firm on your principles and are good, mingling with bad, evil people wont effect you.

Yeah sure! This preaching is good for saints, not for us, the simple souls. We do have principles and try to be good persons but I will rather prefer them not being tested every day, once in a lifetime, twice is alright but not every day.

The people you mingle with will effect you. No matter how hard you try, unless of course they get more impressed by you and become better persons… ha! But chances of that are lesser because vices are more contagious than virtues.

So I believe in mingling with people whose colours I wont hate seeing in me.

Am I right?

Thursday Scribblings 3.4.14

Musegames on Wednesdays 16.4.14

cat and dog 1.4.14

“We teach human beings the true value of love, by giving, not expecting anything in return.” The dog said.

“Yeah, and get booted, abused.” The cat snarled, “We teach them the real meaning of love. By forcing them to serve us, by reminding them that their bed may be theirs but still, if we want it is ours, and there is no way they can get it totally. We teach them that loving us does not gives them the right to hit us, we have claws… to remind them. We teach them real love!”

Musegames on wednesdays 3.4.14

poor Annie

foot in sand

“Poor poor Annie, or will I call you Regina… Anu, Ragini or Anuragini, or Sonia or will I go by family, call you Krishna’s sister…? No matter how many names you use to hide yourself, dark glasses, changed hairstyle… what will you do with that stench of men old enough to be your father that comes from your body? Men you use to earn money for your designer clothes, fancy cars?”

“Why do you keep flittering around my world? Trying to intimidate me with your stupid, arrogant, acid tongue? Scared that someone may recognize you through my works?”

“Poor girl or chameleon… there is no such thing as easy money or freebies, did not your mama taught you that when she sent you out to make money?”

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